Rise of the Pharaoh


Where do they live?

by Jennifer Polack and Heather Martin © 2012    

Rise of the Pharaoh is to help elementary students learn about Egypt in a fun way. The concept of the game is that you start out as one of the lowest rungs on the Ancient Egyptian social ladder, a pyramid builder, and your goal is work your way up to become the Pharaoh. You do this by completing the mini-game associated with your current social standing. In total there are four mini-games for each of the four social rankings you must achieve; pyramid builder, craftsman, scribe, and priest. However there are two modes you can play in: story mode and arcade mode. In story mode there is narration as you progressively play through each mini-game to become the Pharaoh. In arcade mode there is no narration but you can pick and choose which mini-game you want to play.