Geometry Gumshoe


Geometry Gumshoe

by Jennifer Polack and David Woodruff© 2012    

Geometry Gumshoe Fun, free, educational and multiple mini-games. This app is designed to help learn and retain knowledge of third grade geometry. You play as Detective Paul E. Gone as he tries to location missing shape-people. You solve one case at a time, find clues, learn about geometry and go to different locations in shape world to find the missing shape person. These shapes vary from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and include shapes such as circles, triangles, cubes, and spheres.

The player must first take notes about the missing shape; after all, good detectives take note of everything important. You notes will help players be able to describe certain aspects of shapes, such as whether it's a plane or solid shape or how many sides the shape has.

Next you will be searching the shape-person's home, looking for clues to their whereabouts. The searching mini-game will aid in recognizing a specified shape over other shapes, allowing the player to learn the different between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. The more clues that are found in this mini-game, the easier it will be to find the missing shape in the next mini-game!

After finding clues you will follow your clues across a town map to determine what location the shape is at. This mini-game will have the player tell the difference between lines and rays. Once the correct location is found, the player will need to build the shape they were searching for. This will help the player's knowledge of what two-dimensional shapes go into a three-dimensional one.