What do they eat???


What do they eat??

by Jennifer Polack and T.C Pugh© 2012    

What do they eat?? What does a lion eat? What does a butterfly start out as? Do sunflowers need water to grow? All these questions will be answered by playing the fun and educational game "What do They Eat?"

What do they eat teaches elementary school students about animal needs, their lifecycles, the difference between producers, herbivores, and carnivores, and the difference between predator and prey. The game consist of the user picking a character to control, the character represents a producer, herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. The user controls the animal by tilting the itouch left and right while it consumes air, water, plants, and meat, while avoiding predators. After the user collects enough materials and avoids danger they will advance to the next life cycle and learn all the concepts needed for most states standard test for grades 1st thru 5th. The games grades were based off the Virginia SOLs (Standards of Learning).